For High-Performers

The new, innovative Performance Center in the middle of the Ruhr metropolis Essen.


Destroy & Rebuild

We work for the high-achievers from business and competitive sports. As careers and goals change, we're the constant that pulls your best performance and takes you to the next level. We unlock undiscovered potential, strengthen you after an injury and at the same time minimize the risk of injury. We are not a classical physiotherapy practice nor a fitness club!

Movement Coaching

We improve the functional movement to support the physical needs of your life. We help the high performers from competitive sport and business to reduce weaknesses, reduce injury risks and build up strength.

Treatment Coaching

We improve your quality of life and your performance by destroying existing structures and effectively restoring the right functions.

Personal Impact Coaching

Conscious goals and subconscious beliefs often move in opposite directions. Gido Schimanski helps you make sure your entire system is focused on your success.

Fusion5 Tuning

Nutrition plays an important role in staying strong mentally and physically. Our nutrition experts find out what you are missing and set up an individual concept.


Modern full body cryotherapy is your solution to regenerate faster, relieve pain and maximally contributes to relaxation. We are the only Crysosauna provider in the Ruhr area!

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