• Exclusive Location
    Freiheit 1, 45128 Essen
    2 minutes from Essen Hbf
  • Flexible Time-Slots
    Whether early in the morning or after work, we offer flexible options.
  • Fair price structure
    Personal training at fair conditions.
  • Small group training
    Each session takes place with a maximum group size of 6 people.
Entry and exit screening / Personalized training plan
We always work based on scientific methods. In order to create a suitable customized training plan, all members go through an initial screening, which reveals precise data and information on the respective strengths and weaknesses of our customers. Based on this, the training plan is then created.
Increase your Performance
Our training is based on your daily loads and supports you to become even more efficient. All training plans are individual and are adapted step by step according to your training progress.
Strengthen your health and improve your resilience
Regular exercise, among other things, strengthens the immune system, keeps the cardiovascular system fit and can prevent a variety of diseases.
Network with like-minded people
Our studio is more than just a fitness center, the social character also plays an important role. Training with other top performers provides an ideal platform for networking.
Decelerate from the stress of everyday life
The stresses and strains of everyday working life are becoming ever greater, making it all the more important to have a healthy balance. The physical activity overshadows the work stress and often open the view on new ways.
  • Free Shirt
    All our members receive a limited Fusion5 Performance Members Club Shirt. All shirts are numbered 1/60 and are therefore absolutely unique.
  • Free Drinks & Bowl
    As a member you can enjoy our hot drinks and water for free! In addition, you will receive a free bowl once a month.
  • Free Towels
    For each training we provide you with towels for training and showers.
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