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Who is Fusion5-Performance and how are we connected to AthleteMonitoring?

Fusion5-Performance is a health and performance hub that supports elite athletes, corporates and the general public.

We represent AthleteMonitoring in Europe and provide support for sport and non-sport organizations to implement health-and performance monitoring, tailoring it to their needs.

Fusion5-Performance philosophy is to identify the root causes of health issues and to offer a comprehensive approach to improve health and performance: Treatment, Training, Nutrition, Mind, Bio-Hacking.

Additionally the Fusion5 Performance Academy offers learning opportunities based on their work with elite athletes, including screenings, protocols, and training approaches.

New Updates and what’s coming next?
  • New:
    • IOC-aligned mental health monitoring
    • Subgroup specific settings
    • Custom intensity-zones
    • More bodymap details
    • Better document sharing
  • What’s coming up:
    • Single sign-on (SSO)
    • Ability to record multiple activities during warmup, core session and cooldown
    • Time per zone graphs and statistics
    • Video calling
We are continously updating the system based on your feedback.
Check out the latest developments in our Blog:

August 29: New mental health monitoring and surveillance tools in AM – aligned to the 2023 IOC Mental-Health Action Plan
Announcement of client seminars / trainings
Mental Health Monitoring
Max Kapaun, AM Sales, Support & New Business
Max Kapaun, AM Sales, Support & New Business
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Support and Recommendation

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We prioritize close client relationships and tailored support to better meet your needs. Your referrals mean the world to us.

  • Max Kapaun

    AM Sales, Support & New Business

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Tutorials and practical guides
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General news of the past 2 months: We are growing!
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